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PvP Helpful Guide

Post  Wveo The Nercomancer on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:24 pm

Team Testbuild's Guide to becoming a PvP Champion

Team Testbuild's Introduction

We are a forum team committed to making guides on how to maximize the potential of the classes in PvP.
Many User's get us confused as a clan.
First off, We are NOT a clan.

However, Our Clan Thread is here...

My Youtube (It demonstrates the tactics in the guide)

We are a forum group similar to the DF Pedia Masters are looking for members!
We are looking for Teachers of Every Class.
Out team is hoping to expand to a club on this forum and get our own sections within this forum helping guide people to being better

Team Testbuild's Origin
I made this guide about how I maximize Doomknights power. Then, alot of users requested that I make guides for the their class.
I proceeded to make that other classes guides. While in he process, I was offered help by our Co Founder. (ZombiesLoveU)
He offered to make a berserker guide. I happily accepted. I offered to make a team with him in making guides. He suggested a 6 man team making them for every class. I figured, why not one for every class? I proceeded to make the team. I sent invitations to the various guide makers I've seen on this forum.

Guide Introduction

Well, after winning about 50 battles straight, (I lost count after 25) I decided to tell my strategy to the public.
This guide is mainly for those who don't know how to use doomknight, cant seem to beat doomknights in PvP, or die more than twice per battle in PvP.
Even if you already know how to use doom knight, you can still find out a couple of useful PvP tips here.

Also, if you are having trouble with warriors/pumkinlords/beastwarrior/ect. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
You will be able to beat any non experienced player.
I call ones that knows almost everything there is to know about the game and pvp elite players.
Every thing regarding pvp is here!

The Key to beating Crit Warriors is to strategically maneuver to avoid getting hit. As of now, DK and my build by itself isnt strong enough to face warrior face to face. But using the strategies, you will be able to defeat warriors 2 at a time.

Champion List Removed~Wxo

Table of Contents:

Wxo's PvP Tactic, Warrior, and Doom Knight Guide

[II]PvP Tips
[III]My build (Doom Knight)
[IV]Skills in Combat (Doom Knight)
[VI]My Build (Warrior)
[VI] Skills in combat (Warrior)

ZombiesLoveU's Berserker Guide

[I]Berserker Build
[II]Skills in combat

Velmur's Guide to Magical Classes...PvP Basics and Necromancer Guide!

2)It's us or them
3)Bludrut Brawl!
4)Suggested Classes
5)Tips on how to create your own build
6)My Build For Necromancer

Velmur's Mage Guide!

3)My build
4)Recommended enhancements
5)Tips and Tricks to being a pro at the Mage in PvP

Shadow_Dawg's Healer Guide

1) Introduction
2) Attacks
3) My build
4) Helpful Tips
5) Enhancments

Shadow_dawg's Pirate Guide

1) Introduction
2) Skills
3) My build
4) PvP helpful tips
5) Credits

Gilded's Guide to DragonSlayer

[I] Stats
[II] Overview
[III] Capabilities and Uses

Polah's PvP Tips to Win, Dragonslayer, and Ninja guide

[I] Tips
[II] My Build for DS
[III] Skills in combat for DS
[IV] Build for Ninja
[V] Skills in combat for Ninja

Thanaetos' Doom Knight Guide

[I] My Build(Doom Knight)
[II] Skills in combat
[III] Tips and Tricks
[IV] Enhancements

Scourges Guide to No Class


Ligerman999's Guide to Crit/Luck Warrior.
[I]My build
[II]Skills in Combat

Best Class List

Extended Stats and Enhancement Details

Wxo's PvP Tactic, Warrior, and Doom Knight Guide

[I] My OverView:

Well, everyone knows its no secret that Doom knight is a very powerful class, but, this guide explains how I exploit Doom knights powers.
Doomknight is a class that inflicts constant damage outside of your normal attack while regaining health. With that ability combined with mana regeneration, the class is nearly flawless.
In my opinion, is the most powerful class. I have yet to be defeated by a single player with this class. There HAS to be atleast 3 people attacking me to kill me.
But enough of the overview! Time for the secrets!

[II]PvP Tips!!


For those of you that do not know, the first six number keys use your skills and potions!
This is VERY handy when fighting so you dont have to use them on screen.
A GREAT key tp use during PvP is the V button that shows everyone's health.
(also, you can still attack moving opponents with the keys!)

2) Move around!

It is VERY hard for your opponent to hit you while moving. (if they don't know about the number keys)
Even if they do know, moving stops them from attacking!
Move around even when fighting one opponent. If they cannot attack you, then they will automatically lose no matter how low on heath you are!
So move AND attack AND use skills and you will have the upper hand.

3)Use your partners!

Most people just play without strategy but....you can use their help!
When facing two opponents, (which should be easy to handle once you finish reading this entire thing) you opponent will attack one of them. DO NOT CHANGE TARGETS!
Simply kill one, then turn your attention to the others. If they attack on of your attackers, simply focus on staying alive (long enough for your teammate to kill them then double team the other)

4) Your Stats!!!

Make sure your stats are not randomly spread everywhere. pick 2-3 stats and train them as high as possible.
Remember, you have character stats AND equipment stats. So you can Train 1 character stat and 2 equipment stats or vice versa.
(Where every possible equipment type so you gain more stats)

5) What you wear matters!!!

Not many players think about this but... The armor you wear matters. You want to make your character a small as possible! The best combination i put together is the horseman morph, unarmed, mysterious hood(im sure there is a better one but this sis the best i have), and arrow quiver.

6) Chain Attacking

In UsVThem playing type, there is the strategy called chain attacking. (the players keep attacking the boss disregarding the other players attacks and when they die, they simply repeat since the boss is still weaker from the last attacks)
USE IT!!!!

7) Talk!!!!

Talking with you fellow comrades may lead to victory!
A well planned attack will always work better than rushing in like most players do.

Cool HIDING!!!!

Your sign:
Using capes that cover your team sign really helps! The dragon wings to a very good job at it.

Its common sense to run and hide in PvP. this combines with PvP #5, you can position your self to hide behind other players and PvP monsters
Attack them while you are behind other players that are attacking/bosses/etc for the best effect. (Use skills instead of auto attack so you can keep your position yet still pound on them!)

Scourge's Imput: If you use Shift+click, You can position yourself directly behind you boss! And make them attack your boss when they try to attack you. Then you can tag team them with your boss.

9) Potions/Energy Strikes!!!
Use them and abuse them!!!
Always carry a potion/energy strike on you at all times!!!
They help ALOT! They can give you that little extra damage health for the kill in a close match.
they help mostly in close calls or in tight situations.
I perfer potions over energy strikes. (Instead of killing the opponent quicker,they raise your health to so you will be able to survive the next opponent)
They best part is, they cost no mana! (although they have very slow recharge rate)

(Potion tip added thanks to MatgonLord)

10) You WILL eventually die!!!

While an expert and PvP doesn't die very often, and might even go about 10 games without dieing, they STILL die.
Don't prolong every single death. (ie running/hiding) there is a time and place for those tactics.
When you know you will die, make sure you die while a couple of your teammates are there.
If the brawl is near your base, especially in UsVthem, then just let yourself die,respawn, then PWN.
Do as much damage as possible while your are alive! There is no use in not using all your mana since its going to waste.

In Combat:

Part 1
Alot of players chase you while you are weak. There is a way around this. Go to you teams boss!
Keep running and hide behind them. (be sure you are wearing slim little or no bulky armor and your opponent cannot attack you!

Part 2
When you attack players, you might want to position yourself behind another player or monster.
This is especially useful when they are attacking your boss.

[III]My Build (Doom Knight)

As of now, I use 25 STR, 20 END, and 30 DEX
The STR is for making my attacks more powerful to kill the opponent quicker.
The END gives me more heath to gain and makes it harder for the opponent to make me use my heath regeneration attack. So I'm constant using my attack skills until I'm low on health. (which takes longer because of the increase)
The DEX makes it harder for my heath to drain. So They all tie into each other.
I use all lvl 20 Armsman enhancements. (because they increase those 3 stats)

[IV]Skills in Combat (Doom Knight)

One Opponent:
I keep using the first skill (drains their heath and my mana but keeps my health)
After using it until you run out of mana. then immediately use Void Strike (will deal about 250-500 dmg) every time I get enough mana to use it until im low on health. (unless the opponent have a little health left, then i will just use it again for the kill)
If the opponent manages to get you low on heath even though you keep using Dark Siphon, Then rapidly press Soul Crush and Dark Siphon until you regain enough health.
Keep this until you kill them. (remember to move around at all times!)

Two or more Opponents:
Yes, you can even take 2 opponents! (Unless they have read this guide *in that, case, you are DOOMED xD*)
In this case, you want to focus on you health. So rapidly alternate between Soul Crush and Dark Siphon and use Void Strike whenever you have mana to spare.

Beating a Warrior:
Use blood offering to stun them!
(this is your chance yo kill them before they kill you)
Re stun and use void strike when ever it charges because this is whats doing the most damage.
(remember to always carry potions with you!)

With these strategies put together, you can literally defeat an entire team by your self! (unless they chain attack your boss)

By request, I will be adding a Warrior guide as well.
I'd like to thank all that thanked me for making this.
Your appreciation is was keeps me making them!

[V] My Warrior Build
As of now, it works best with 100% Luck.
I still use all arms man and fighter enhancements on my equipment so i can have somesort of defensive strategy.
I dont use luck enhancements.
With this, you can doo about 100-1000 damage.
This normally finihsheds off any opponent within 2-3 turns.

[VI] Warrior Skills in combat

With warrior, you do the same thing for multiple opponents as you do for a single.
Only for multiple, you take them down one at a time.

Tactic: Warrior can use prepared strike before battle to make the first hit a critical hit*
Use that tactic before while resting at a period when no enemies are present.
Using Decisive Strike directly after Prepared strike automatically cancels the animation AND give you the crit And give you back mana(I call this strategy overwhelm). Use this when facing another warrior.
(because they are likely to be using the same strategy so you want to kill them before you.)
If they are just as powerful, wait a slight moment, then use a potion, stun and PWN with overwhelm.

Remember, since you are too strong, your opponents will run!!!
Using pvp tip #1, use your stun!
That will prevent them from changing screens!

The last skill is good for battles where you are being attacked by more than two players. But I dont recommend using it. I costs too much mana and cuts your attack. You are better off doing as much damage you can and dieing so you can regain health and mana.

ZombiesLoveU's Berserker Guide

ok first off im not good at making it look like a pros i can pretty much only tell the info about the stuff so here it goes

Berserker/Beta Berserker is a very strong class in PvP indeed but some people might not know how to use it well so here is a guide for those who want to get better with zerker

[I]Berserker Build
Lets start with the build not most of u will think to have your build all attack this is not a good idea and will lower ur skill and with this build u probably wont be able to stand up a luck based warrior. Enhancements should all be fighter for the strength bonus. Now the thing is u don't need every thing on attack after u get it to 150 the damage increase stops and it just helps your crit rate (this had been proven with unarmed with its set dmg)
A very important thing about zerker is the power it has and the godly crit rate the max ur crit rate can go to is 34.05 but were going to make ours 31.25 (if ur using all fighter enhancements) then we put the rest on luck so the crits will do more dmg (u can put it on endurance but i do not suggest this Berserker gets more mana based on the less max hp it has same as proto.

[II]Berserker Skills in Combat

1st skill Breaker
30 mana 8 sec cool down
deals wep DPS as damage and reduces opponents damage output significantly for 4 sec

Breaker is just a great skill. You can spam it and it lowers the enemies power for 4 seconds this is very important for zerker for we can not heal and lowering there power is always a good thing.

2nd skill Broadside
15 mana 2 sec cool down
Deals 70% of wep dmg ,cannot be avoided but cannot crit (it can crit they need to fix that)

This skill is good yet useless u use it depending on the situation it can either save u for getting those extra last hits or it can kill u for using ur mana when u could have used it on a different skill.

3rd skill Blood For Blood
30 mana 10 sec cool down

Deals dmg based on difference ur current and maximum HP
This skill is just a beastly skill it will scare the enemy and it should but don't over estimate it unless it crits (witch is awesome). You wont do as much dmg as people really think
while testing this skill in PvE using unarmed with a max hp of 1000 the average amount for under 100 is 353 while at max it did 41 around half health it was around 180
This skill doesn't do what many people think it does many people think it does the dmg difference between the current HP and the max HP i have not test it in PvP though nut im sure Its around the same. None the less it is a great skill but use it only after ur below half health unless ur desperate to do dmg even then i would not suggest it

4th skill Forgone Conclusion
Increases haste by 50% for 8 sec if u r out of combat when the effect fades u gain mana for each attack that landed under the effect

THIS IS IMO THE BEST SKILL FOR ZERKER it is just win u get to attack as fast as a rogue or ninja (maybe even faster) the mana gain goes up dramatically for u gain mana when u attack not to mention that thanks to the haste boost your skills so that they get less cool down time so spamming broadside and breaker is awesome (make sure u don't use the skills to fast the game might log u off for attacking to fast) u should start every battle with this skill and RIGHT when its cool down is dine use it its your best skill.

When PvPing u probably will want to start off with Forgone Conclusion follow up with Breaker then depending on the enemy use broad side (a guide on how to fight classes in pvp will come later but i will put how to beat necro)

Beating necromancer is easy with zerker just spam every move but blood for blood they shouldnt get u past 1400
if u lose half ur health either i have never fought a good necromancer or u did something wrong

.... P.S FYI Zerker is probably the worst class for soloing a boss with a lot of health

this is my first guide so tell me what u think and please comment on what u think of thsi guide and should i continue making zerker guides

Velmurs Guide to PvP Basics

1) Introduction

PvP means Player vs. Player, if you do not already know. As of now, PvP is in testing, and you must be a member to test it in the PTR. To open the PvP menu on the PTR, press x on your keyboard. Now, I will explain the warzones.

2)It's us or them

Description:This cozy PvP map is ideal for players new to PvP in AQW.As it says in the description, it is suggested new players to PvP in AQW start out with this stage. The main goal in this stage is to defeat the enemy team's captain.

3)Bludrut Brawl!

Description:A larger map requiring communication, coordination, and a whole lot of DPS.

This stage is for players who have mastered the last stage, and are ready for a trickier challenge. This map is large, and the goal is to defeat the enemy team's restorers and than their brawlers. You can also buy Potions and Scrolls of Lightning here.

4)Suggested Classes

The Top 10

Not all classes are great in PvP. Many people have noticed that the greatest classes in PvP are usually:
1. Clawsuit
2. Doom Knight
3. Necromancer
4. Paladin
5. Ninja/Assassin
6. Beta Berserker
7. Protosartorium
8. Rustbucket
9. Enforcer
10. Warrior

Note: I did not put them in order from strongest to weakest. Those are just the top ten classes in some people's opinions for PvP.

5)Tips on how to create your own build

Tip one: Intellect raises attack power for Mage, and Necromancer, and Healer only!
Tip two: Dexterity raises haste.
Tip three: Strength will raise you attack power if you're not using the classes mentioned in tip one.
Tip four: Endurance raises hit points.
Tip five: Wisdom raises your dodge % and your critical %.
Tip six: Luck raises your critical % value.

Those should help you create your own build to use for the class you decide you stick with.

6)My Build For Necromancer

Strength: 2
Intellect: 45
Endurance: 12
Dexterity: 4
Wisdom: 10
Luck: 6

Necromancer is kind of an offensive class, and the Arcanist enhancement is recommended. My build uses a lot of Intellect, which will make my attacks more powerful. For the kind of attacks you use, use all of them, but make sure you use life leech a lot, because it heals you.

Necromancer Attacks

Life Leech
20 mana, 6 sec cooldown
Drains some of the targets HP to the caster. Healing is increased by the presence of Curse of Flames, and damage by Curse of Binding.

Bael Fire
20 mana, 12 sec cooldown
Applies the Bael Fire DoT, Dealing an increasing of weapon damage from each tick. Lasts 12 seconds.

Umbral Flare
15 mana, 6 sec cooldown
Deals damage on the target based on time remaining in Bael Fire (very little if it is absent), and returns mana inversely proportion to this amount. Consumes Bael flame.

30 mana, 15 sec cooldown
Applies curse of flames to targets afflicted by Bael fire, Increasing the DoT's damage. Otherwise, applies Curse of Binding, reducing target's haste by 100%. Lasts 10 seconds.

Please note, the Necromancer class is only in testing, the skills may not be staying permanently.

Thanks to Dorumon12 for reminding me of some powerful classes, Thanks to AE, for making the too-good-for-words game that is AQWorlds, and thanks to Minimal, for creating the PvP and the PTR.


Velmur's Mage Guide

Mage is a very powerful class if you know how to use it wisely... Read this guide about mages, and who knows, you may be a pro at PvP in no time!


20 mana, 6 sec cooldown
Hurls flames at your opponent, dealing 200% WDPS on impact, and dealing that same amount again over 4 seconds

Ice Shard
20 mana, 8 sec cooldown
Launches a freezing shard at your enemy, dealing 100% weapon damage and reducing their phisical attack power for 10 seconds

20 mana, 12 sec cooldown
Infuse target with mystic energies, causing them to deal additional damage but also restore 5 mana to their target with each attack for 10 seconds. In addition, striking this target will grant you 10 mana

Causes energies within opponent to become unstable and burst fourth, causing 200% WDPS damage. Infused targets suffer increased damage.

3) My build
Little note before I tell you my build. . . it's the same one I use for Necromancer.

Strength: 2
Intellect: 45
Endurance: 12
Dexterity: 4
Wisdom: 10
Luck: 6

4) Recommended Enhancements
The two recommended enhancements for a mage would be: Mender and Arcanist.
If you would like to be a offensive mage, then I suggest you pick Arcanist enhancements.
If you would want more a defensive build for mage, try Mender.

5) Tips and Tricks to being a pro in PvP

1. Use Ice Shard and Infusion alot.
2. Make sure to plan attacks on the enemies with your team mates.
3. Run around. It's hard to catch a moving target! (Thanks for showing me that, Wxo!)
And, last but not least,
4. If you are about to die, do whatever it takes to stay alive.


Thanks to people I fought in PvP, you guys helped me test mage.
Thanks to Wxo, for creating Team Testbuild and showing me Tips and Tricks trick 3 and 4.
Thanks to Carlly9467 (Shadow_Dawg) who fought with me in PvP
Thanks to all of Artix Entertainment staff, for creating AQW.

Shadow_Dawg's Healer Guide

1) Introduction

Healer could be a very good class, if you use it the right way.
As You should know, On the PTR, the Stat "Strength" does not help Healer class,
Actually, it does not help Magical Classes such as "Mage, necromancer, Healer" (this also counts for the upgraded versions
of these classes, necromancer does not have a upgraded version though.)
The Stat that helps these magical classes is called "Intellect", it makes these Classes grow do more damage when they attack.

Healer can be fun if you use it, it IS actually very powerful if you use it a lot.
It was my first class, and i still have it at a high level.
the Attacks are good, it looks cool. why not use Healer for your class?

2) Attacks

As you know, Attacks are the things that we fight with.
the Attacks healers use are... Healing word, Heartbeat, Clear Mind, and Energy Flow.

Info about Attack healing word: 30 Mana, 6 sec cooldown, heals a friendly Target for 400%
WDPS immediately, and another 300% WDPS over 16 seconds. in Addition for that time any hits against
the target restore mana to the caster.

Info about the attack Heartbeat: 20 mana, 8 sec cooldown. Deals 10% of current HP to target as damage.

Info about Clear mind: 5 mana, 30 sec cooldown. Reduces targets mana costs by 50% for 10 seconds.

Info about Energy Flow: 30 mana, 30 sec cooldown. 50% of the target's outgoing damage is converted into mana for the caster
for 10 seconds.

3) My Build


Wxo's Imput
I recommend increasing High luck and Endurance. durance as well. So your healer can hit hard and keep health.
This way, Your heartbeat does LOADS of damage because on increased intellect and high health. The Luck will give you crits that will even further increase damage.Use enhancements that increase those stats.

Skills In Combat

Use Clear Mind to make your skills us less mana at all times!(be sure to heal throughout the battle as needed)
Healer in contrast to doomknight, depends on your health being high to win.
So you want to keep potions with you at all times!
They help healer more than any other class!
As soon as you start a battle, use clear mind and if you can, use energy flow.
This reflects damage back at them at half the cost. then use Heartbeat. Since your health is high, this should Do Alot of damage.
healer is especially useful in brawls. (multi people fights)being that you can heal constantly.

Healer as of now is more of a team class rather than fighter. So I suggest staying with a teammate throught the battle.
A healer will most likely not be able to stand up against the classes above it in the list below.

Shadow_Dawg's Guide To Pirate Class


Pirate is a very good class.
Here i will tell you about the Skills and some PvP tips
to help you in battle with this class.
it has four Special attacks, not including the basic attack, (but i have not yet made it to the rank
to unlock the last Attack) but let's save the information
About this class for Tips or skills. Smile
Use this class wisely and you might become captain of the ship!!!!!

Skill 1)
Vipers Kiss, Information:30 Mana, 10 sec cooldown. Instantly 50% weapon Damage. And Apply a poison dealing 350%
WDPS ([2.5xWPDS]) over Ten's.

Skill 2)
Puncture, Information:20 Mana, 15 sec cooldown. Puncture the Targets Armor. Increasing All damage Dealt to the target
By 15% for 8 seconds.

Skill 3)
Footwork,information:40 mana, 30 sec cooldown. (NYI-Speed reduction) Increases your chance to dodge 50%
for 15 seconds. But also increases your swing speed by 0.5 seconds.

Skill 4)
Not yet Unlocked.

My build:


PvP Helpful Tips!!!

1) If you log in and try to go to PvP right away, if it doesn't load for about 2-5 minutes,
Go to battleon and click on the PvP button and try again, it should work then, remember,
you only have to do this once Smile

2) run around!!! running makes the Opponent get tired of chasing you around
and eventually give up and go to someone else, and it Also makes it harder on them!
you know how hard it is to hit a running target!

3) Opponents like to beat a weak target, so just like tip 2, if your dying and your very weak, Run away!


Thanks To Velmur, Who inspired me to make a guide and Helped me beat Wxo in PvP.
WHAT?!? You guys shall not get so lucky next time in 3v1!!!

Thanks to Wxo, For cheering me on when i was about to make this guide
and Also being so helpful.

You are very welcome!!! Thanks for contributing so much to our team.

Thanks to All the People who Helped me fight in PvP.

Thanks to All the AE-Staff for making AQWorlds and making PvP.

Gilded's Guide to DragonSlayer

[I] Stats
[II] Overview
[III] Capabilities and Uses
Hiya there! I'm Gilded, and here you have a guide to DragonSlayer. This guide will inform you on how to utilize it to its ultimate potential, why it's a tough adversary, and why it can be an excellent aid to any fight.

(I) Stats and Overview

DragonSlayer is said to be a class only useful against Dragons -- Not true at all. DragonSlayer, being a distant, more focused cousin of the Warrior, can actually be referred to as a tank when fighting a player because it dishes out high damage, DoT's, and is capable of stunning.

* Stats: DS without stats on regular servers can be referred to as useful, but in PTR, it's highly useful as a tank and is harder to eliminate than warrior, despite the cliche that anything tank and/or Warrior-related can easily be debunked. Here are a few builds for DS, all somewhat different.

The WarTank:
The WarTank is the build I favor. It's capable of many crits, some dodges, and relatively high damage. The main stats it focuses on is STR, END, and DEX -- Just like a Hybrid in AQ, but without its stats itself. Here are its stats as promised.

o STR: 35
o INT: 2 (Base Stat)
o END: 25
o DEX: 15
o WIS: 4 (Base Stat)
o LUK: 2 (Base Stat)

The Dodger:
The Dodger, like the title says, is relatively based on DEX, STR, and END in that order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority, like the WarTank is based on STR, END, and then DEX. This build can do decent damage, it can last as long HP-wise as long as the WarTank can, and longer with DEX. With the stats below, you'll find yourself dodging at least a tenth of all attacks dealt to you.

o STR: 25
o INT: 2 (Base Stat)
o END: 15
o DEX: 35
o WIS: 4 (Base Stat)
o LUK: 2 (Base Stat)

The Survivor:
The Survivor is somewhat like its cousin, the Dodger, but it's more focused on defense than the Dodger because it utilizes END as a defensive to last long coupled with DEX. Its prioritized stats are END, DEX, and STR, each being prioritized 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in that order respectively.

o STR: 15
o INT: 2 (Base Stat)
o END: 35
o DEX: 25
o WIS: 4 (Base Stat)
o LUK: 2 (Base Stat)

(II) Overview:
Here in this stage of the guide you'll learn how powerful DS' skills TRULY are and how they can be used to their ultimate potential.

Scorched Steel: This skill is actually quite useful because it gives you an extra attack instantly with extra damage. 100% DMG + 150% DMG = 250% DMG right there, which is actually quite strong if you think about it, because it's an instant chain attack when put together with one auto attack hit.

Impale: This skill is just as useful as Scorched Steel, if not more useful. This attack does a 200% DoT and has a chance of stunning your opponent for 3 seconds, which gives you a chance to use another skill and an auto attack on your opponent. This could easily tip the scales in your favor if you're in a pinch.

Chain of Use: The Chain of Use in DS, so to speak, is how you'd use its attacks. It goes like this. Auto Attack (Battle starting) -- Scorched Steel -- Impale. You see, when you put together the cooldowns of both Scorched Steel and Impale, that equals 18 seconds. The Auto Attack, off the bat, is approximately 100% DMG. Put together with Scorched Steel, that's 300% DMG. Combined with Impale, which does about 150% DMG, that gives approximately 450% DMG right there.

To redo the chain, you need to wait 18 seconds for Scorched Steel and Impale to cool down -- With DS' Auto Attack having a 2 second cool down, that's approximately 9 attacks right there. 900% DMG right there. Added with Scorched Steel and Impale previously used in the Chain of Use, that's 1350% DMG right there. ...That is a LOT of power. This proves that DS is indeed a force to be reckoned with, and take it from me, I should know. I've used DS almost all the time since it first came out and I know how to use it, which makes me one of the top experts when it comes to DS.

(III) Capabilities and Uses:

Here you'll discover how DS can use only its two skills against difficult opponents, such as DoomKnight and ProtoSartorium.

DoomKnight: DoomKnight is referred to as the ultimate class. Unstoppable. Unmatched. Godly. ...Wrong. DS' capabilities with my Chain of Uses can rival the power of DK, if not surpass it. You see, DK could actually be referred to as more related to Warrior if you think about it, though here's how DS can debunk it. You see, DK relies on hits mostly to get its 'amazing abilities' through. With the Dodger OR Survivor build, DK can outlast and even render DK useless. Because of the fact DK needs to actually hit to get its power through, it makes it actually quite ineffective against the Dodger or Survivor, where you can take the upper hand with the Chain of Uses and swiftly take it out.

Healer: Healer is a great class because it can help you outlast an opponent, but against DS, Healer doesn't perform too well. Healer relies on survival to actually be able to get an upper hand, but if you actually think about it, a tank could negate its healing attacks by doing more damage than the healing does and eventually whittling them down to the point where you can kill them. Like I always say, healing is useless when it's negated by strength. You may think this isn't very strategic, but rather, it is.

ProtoSartorium: Proto is extremely fast and strong, but there's one thing wrong with it -- It can only actually hurt you if it hits, and this is where any DS build can either evade it, or out-tank it. The Dodger can prevent itself from getting hurt and instead return the hurt by using the Chain of Uses, the Survivor can outlast the Proto by getting its health low and dodging it to a small extent, and the WarTank can easily give it payback by using the Chain of Uses.

That's relatively all for the guide. I hope you've been informed about how DS can be a great class when actually used properly. Note that if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or builds, please PM them to me. Thank you!

Polah's PvP Tips to Win, Dragonslayer, and Ninja guide

[I] Tips to win in PvP!

1) Get everybody to do the same thing, your whole team can accomplish more things than just 2 or 3 people

2) Get the restorers/brawlers first! The brawlers make the captain very powerful and the restorers heal the captain!
Take them out first if you even want a chance at taking down the captain.

3) Help your teammates! If you see a teammate being attacked, help him or her!

[II] My build for DragonSlayer, commonly called DS

I am not level 20, so my stats will be less than yours, if you are level 20.

Unlike Necro and DoomKnight, DS has no health regeneration skills so I use:
Half on STR (to do more damage)
And half on LUK (to have more of a chance to do a crit)

I would use fighter enhancements

[III] Skills in combat for DS

The reason why DS is so good is because players are considered dragonkind >Very Happy

1) Bane of Scales - Excellent move if it's just 1v1 because they have to attack you anyways. This move just weakens your
opponent in this case. Also good to save your teammate if he has low health because they have to attack you.

Reduces the attack of a dragon by 30%, and also forces it to attack you and ONLY you for 10 seconds.

2) Impale - Pretty good move. Doesn't waste TOO much mana, does a decent amount of damage, and has a chance to stun.

Causes 200% weapon damage over 12 seconds, and a chance to "Impale Stun" the enemy

3) Scorched Steel - It exactly like Warrior's Decieve Strike. Low mana cost, and deals higher than average damage.
Straightforward and simple.

Hits the enemy for 150% weapon damage.

4) Talon Twisting - Not bad. Takes half of the damage your opponent does to you and adds it to your attack.

50% of damage dealt to you is also added to your attacks for 8 seconds.

[IV] Build for Ninja

I just stack it all on DEX. Ninja already has great burst damage, now with an even higher Haste, it can deal damage
incredably fast. You might also want END to keep your Ninja alive longer.

[V] Skills in combat for Ninja

NOTE: In PTR, Shadowblade and Crosscut are reversed on the skill bar.

1) Shadowblade - Not that good. The only way you'll use this is with Shadowburn right after it for a stun.

Damages for 50% weapon damage and inflicts the [Shadowblade] effect on the enemy

2) Crosscut - Decent. Instantly attacks twice. Whether you need that extra bit to finish a guy off or better burst damage,
Crosscut can do it.

Instantly attacks twice

3) Shadowburn - THE bread and butter of this class. First use it after Shadowburn to stun. Then, when you're low on mana,
use this skill (without Shadowblade) to instantly gain 20 mana! All this for just 5 mana.

Stuns for 5 seconds if [Shadowblade] is on the foe, if not, you gain 20 mana

4) Thin Air - Only use it if you have that much mana to spare OR you're against a foe that you think you might have trouble
with. Everytime you are hit, you raise Dodge by 4%.

Raises dodge by 4% every time you are hit. Every time you successfully dodge,you gain 2AP. Last 15s

Coming to the end of this guide, I have one more thing to tell you. Ninja has a "glitch" effect supposedly. If you use all
the skills in rapid succession, some black/red spiral energy comes out of the enemy. If someone tells me what that does,
please PM me.

Thanaetos' Doom Knight Guide

[I] My Build(Doom Knight)
For now I enhance everything to lvl20 Fighter enhancements and My stats are 15 str 13 end and 40 luck.You need a lot of that luck for those hard hitting void strikes.You can usually do 100-1000.

p.s. don’t expect to hit 1k every time because its still not 100%
consistent, in fact it is nearly impossible to hit 1k's every time,
but it does work a lot. So don’t be frustrated. Keep with it and
alter the stats if you need to, and make them work better for you.

[II] Skills in combat
The skills you use in combat take an effect on how high you hit.Don’t rely on piling those Dark Siphons all the time, in fact high critical hits work more effectively when you don't pile them. What I do is I hit them with a Soul Crush first, Then I do a Blood offering to stun them, after they are stunned hit them with a powerful Void Strike. This does 100-1000 dmg with a crit hit. If you pile Dark Siphons then the stun doesn't work. Use these skills and get the right
timing down then you'll be able to hit them pretty hard.

[III] Tips and Tricks
Remember it’s not all about trying to hit hard, you have to have strategy too. You can’t always rely on the critical hits because they still aren't 100% consistent. If you are trying to get more consistency, try using unarmed. I am trying that out right now and so far it hasn't failed me. But back to strategy... if you are close to dying don’t just try and crit hit them. Use the Dark Siphons if you have to. They give back health and you get occasional crit hits that do about 100-400 dmg. Another tip when facing another DK is that they are probably going to use the stun tactic also. If they do quickly move out of the way so you are out of range, as soon as you see the stun go away start attacking them again.
listen to wxo, moving around really helps.

[IV] Enhancements
Make sure to use all lvl20 fighter enhancements.I find this effective to make up for the str and end in your stats.This enhances your str to hit harder and your end to last longer
in a fight.

Scourges Guide to No Class

Auto attack: A standard attack taught to all adventures.

My strategy for skills is to spam auto attack. This will damage the other player so they will eventually die.
ALWAYS carry potions with you.

The great thing about No Class is you can use pretty much any set of stats they all mold to No Class's skills.
Don't use intellect or wisdom since that only helps mages.
I suggest using about half in endurance, and half in dexterity.
With all the luck warriors out there dealing massive crits you need to be able to dodge at high rates and survive nasty crits.

I would go with all fighter so you can have high endurance and dexterity and the bonus to strength. This complements your stats and gives you more damage to kill them faster with auto attack.

Thanks goes too:
I'd like to thank WXO for making this nifty big giant huge post that most people scroll over it thinking, "why is this post so fracking long?" (I sometimes wonder that myself O_O'' ~Wxo)
I would also like to thinkt he AE team for making such a creative class like No Class.
I would like to think my parents for giving me the brains/smarts to make such a good class.
I would like to think my deceased english teacher who killed herself trying to make me understand how to write.
I would also like to think every single forumite who has a sense of humor and doesn't flame me for making such a stupid guide.

[I]My Build
Now if you want to do some epic pwnage in PvP then check out this guide! First step is buying/training Warlord. Now if you want to really pwn try putting alot preferrably most of your stats on luck and then the rest on strengeth and endurance and dexterity but thats not reccomended. Now the reason you want to put most of your stats on luck is becuase once you earn the move "prepared strike" it does crits almost every time. Now with luck it adds crit value making stronger crits and higher damage. On lucky crits you can do up to one-thousand damage, making an almost instant kill.

[II]Skills in Combat
Now warlord also had imbalancing strike which will stun your target for 4 seconds making him/her unable to attack you which is a good time to used prepared strike which takes up one auto attack which has a 2 sec cool down so your opponent is has 2 seconds left on the stun. Another good move to do some epic pwnage is Decisive Strike which does 150% weapon damage. And for those hard times when someone Dark Wound spamming and doing way too much damage to stand, welllll thats a perfect time to us On Guard which litteraly cuts you opponents damage IN HALF for 10 seconds. Now with this guy next time you use warlord and play PvP None will stand a chance against you. Thanks for reading! (=

Best Class List

These are currently the best Classes in order from best to least (as of now)

1st- Warrior
2nd- Doom Knight
3rd- Berserker
4th- Paladin
5th- Protosatorium
6th- Necromancer
7th- Clawsuit
9th- Healer
10th- Mage
11th- Pirate
12th- No class

(This list changes on the daily basis until we get it perfect. If you think something is wrong with it, simply pm me the what is the correct list with the reason and ill happily consider it)

Remember, alot of classes have the same skillset.
so the classes the above include are listed below.

Warrior-Beast Warrior-PumkingLord

Rouge- Pirate- Alpha Pirate- Vampire- Barber

Berserker- Beta Berserker

Protosatorium- Enforcer- Rustbucket

Healer- Acolyte- Witch (Witch Corrected from rogue to healer skills thanks to KingNebula)

Mage- Sorcerer

Please remember,this is a user made guide. There may be some things are that flawed or could be done better. But this was made from experience.
If you think something should be added or revised. Simply tell me and I'll add it. (I'll give the credits to you)
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