Guild Testbuild Design Notes! 3/13/10

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Guild Testbuild Design Notes! 3/13/10

Post  Wxo on Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:25 am

Welcome to the GTDN of 3/13/10
*I've been trying to push this out for a while but it got wiped about 3 times*


It has been stated that the ranks have been too easy to obtain. The following changes have been made.

-Commander rank has been added.
-CoS rank has a change in job and the CoS test was removed.
-Staff has been made a rank obtained through an Actual ClanV Clan war or a GTvsPublic war.
-Champion has been made a 10 kill streak with NO deaths!
-The entry level is now lvl 20 only. *WILL be raised to level 21-30 upon the cap raise.
- A way to get into the clan has been made to beat a GT member IF you have not reached the lvl lvl requirement.

Any questions regarding these rank, simply ask!


May I please have a certain rank?
This question is asked over and over repeatedly. I honestly love promoting you guys! But giving out rank that isn't earned will cause a failed clan. Why? If people see that getting a certain rank is too easy, they don't feel like getting that rank is an achievement. If you see, 50/70 people at CF/CoS/SC rank, no one would feel as though the rank is special because it isn't exclusive.

If you feel as though you deserve a rank, please check the l can thread and make sure that you've met every requirement. I WILL NOT make any exceptions to promotions. Why? Because that would be unfair the the rest of those I said no to. If you just barely missed a rank, or missed a war, ect, don't ask for it because you missed it.

When is the next clan war???

This question has been asked about 1000 times to me. I try my best to schedule war, but alot of complications due to clan members missing in action and the others clan inpunctuality, caused me to stop making set teams in advance. I simply choose from the members that are online when the other clan gets ready. *Being that we have ALOT of clan members we are always ready*.

So I constantly ask the other clan leaders are their members ready. Until they get ready, I cannot do anything. That's why my answer is always I don't know.

Special ranks!

I've happy so many of you volunteered with the clan! The Promotion testers especially helped me out. So have the clan police! *I haven't heard much activity on this forum for Class guides but I've sent alot of people in need of help to you guys and heard great feedback from them!

But no one wants to become forum moderator O.o''.
So I've made the CF rank come with the duty of ALL the special ranks.
FM,CP,CG, and PT. Being that I'm not on these forums very often, I want to be able to start sing them with all the clan members even though I'm not here! I really need someone for this job being that I'm the only one that sadly, I'm the only one that can manage the clan thread. That and that you gus may have noticed that I don't get on every single day anymore. and I go afk for hours at a time. I have basketball practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6-830 pm and band practice miscellaneous times out of the week. That Aside from drill team at school... I'm extremely busy. And I always have 5 people to tend to when I login. So I'm sorry if you feel like I'm ignoring you.

Also, pms are VERY hard to answer when I'm in PvP. So if I answer, I will answer very short answers. If you try to goto me while I'm in PvP, please don't ask where I am. Simply join a public one because thats where I most likely am. If I'm in 1v1, then, NO YOU CAN NOT WATCH!!!

This was a rule made a while ago and I became more lenient but soon as I did, about 5 1v1 matches were ruined. VERY irritating.

There are no spectators in clan wars either. So if you are not picked for the war, please don't ask if you can watch. I will post the war for you to see shortly after the war. *ArchDefenders vs Guild Testbuild war video coming soon*

Promotion testers of the Month: Damasa47 and Thunder God Drakath tied for the lead in testing!

Clan Police of the month: Carly9467

Class Guides of the month: Velmur (Teaches magical classes.) and Sausage Pie7 (Teaches warrior)

Aside from that, I would like to ask the clan police to do a better job. I've only heard from carly so far. If you see someone is flaming someone or not wearing their uniform, tell them to put it on!

Everyone (well most) agreed to wear the uniform when they joined.
the uniform it's self is what keep us growing. Why? Becuase when others see 5-6 people in the same outfit that say they are apart of a clan, that makes them want to join. We are also starting to be recognized around in the PTR server! *If you noticed, ALOT more people are wearing the robes.*


If you haven't noticed, our first rule in our clan is be honest. Please don't lie for promotions. The whoi;e reason I have the people beaten in PvP confirm, have PT's supervise matches, and have clan police is because of dishonesty. If you haven't noticed, all of your character pages are linked to the clan thread. And little do you know, I check them before I login every time to check for uniform. It's said to say that NONE of our CoS ranked members have be honest. But I'm VERY pleased to sya that ALL of the SC ranked and most of the CHAMP ranked members all wear their uniform! Congratulations to those that I've NEVER seen out of uniform Mon-thurs! Carly, Damasa47 *with the exception that he forgot his hood once*, cutepants, Regmiaayush, and emerald wizard!

*I'm sorry if I didn't mention your name and you wear the uniform the entire uniform period, but that all I could remember off the top of my head. Please notify me and I will be sure to put you up!*

Nonmember Clan uniform!!!

It has been decided that the nonmember clan uniform will be noob armor+Any black hood.
But we now need to decide which of the servers we will use for non member.
I will be posting a poll soon. Be sure to cast your vote!

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Post  whenwas on Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:22 am

possibley nytheria... definatly not the moglin safe servers no advertisment in there.


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Hey Guys

Post  Wveo The Nercomancer on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:03 pm

Hey guys iam kingjames1199 Or Also known as wveo and iam one of the moderators for Guild Testbuild!

My Character Page
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Disregard above message

Post  Emerald Wizard on Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:01 pm

Hey guys I'm Emerald Wizard your friendly, everyday clan artist. Want a clan sig? Just ask me and I'll try to whip one up ASAP. You have to be on though cuz I like to get screen shots for the sigs. Just pm when I'm on all I'll try to get right on it. See you around.

-Emerald Wizard

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Double Reposting same message

Post  Wveo The Nercomancer on Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:49 pm

Emerald don't double post same message. Very Happy
Wveo The Nercomancer

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Re: Guild Testbuild Design Notes! 3/13/10

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